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solar power powerbank charger for ipad ipod iphone
You are on your way to work/school. While you are letting the blasted music chill your brain…oops..the battery alarm bar jumps up. Shoot, for the 1000 times you had forgotten to charge your iphone/ipod. There is no power plug so you happily dug out your portable charger. To your amazement,it is not working too, because you had also forgot to charge that! Before your mind went blank, you saw the ray of light, from the sun.

There are many reasons why people had been worshiping the sun from a thousand years ago, because human beings know the POWER of the sun, the solar power.And human beings are smart too, for they invented this portable solar powered charger, which you can use as long as the sun is shining. Check this out Portable Smart Solar Charger & Power Bank
A must have for Dementia souls who never can remember to charge your iphones/ipod/i-whatever or simply sun worshipers. Price .: US$69.99. Click here to purchase Portable Smart Solar Charger & Power Bank

On a serious note:

While the brave crew is still fighting the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, one can’t help but wonder the future of power source would be going. With nuclear plant proving its potential danger, perhaps solar power would be the way to go. Our prayers for the victims of the Sendai earthquake and the selfless crew at the nuclear plant.


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