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numark idj ipad iphone ipod
When i was young, my dream was to be a DJ. Scratching the turntable and jumping around spinning the music was the coolest thing i could ever imagine that i could do.

I scrimp and save to learn DJ course. I was pretty happy, until i get to see this.


It is actually really easy to be a DJ. Just get this Numark iDJ Live DJ software controller Price US149. Black Friday price: A crazy US$96.87. Click here to purchase before the amazon people become sane again.

P.S. To complete the DJ gear, remember to get this Numark RED WAVE headphones. Price US$199. Now at an insane price of US$64.43


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spracht aura blunote portable wireless speaker system

All music lovers, check out this offer.This Spracht WS-4010 Aura BluNote Portable Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth is on sale due to the Black Friday sale at Amazon store. Its original price is US$129.99 but now it is only on sale for US$49.99 which is a whopping 62% off! You probably can’t believe it, but it is true!

If you think this product is selling at such a cut-throat price because it is crappy or that it is going to be stash away in your store room after your purchased it, think again

This is a treasure box that allows you to stream music from your iphone, ipad, ipod,samsung galaxy, blackberry,HTC,Droid and many other brands of phones and computers.

This simply means that you can listen to your music from any of your device above and still answer calls! Your enjoyment of music will no longer be discrupted because some telemarketeers called you to subscribe to their latest credit card promotions.

Plus, you can use this beauty for Skype and any VOIP calls! Hence you can shout ” Merry Xmas” to your mummy/friends/lover/pet dog or cats  overseas while you are busy chopping up the turkey with Xmas songs in the background

You will be able to live in your music world every second of the day and not missed any more calls.Whoohoo!

Check out this video of how it works!

In fact this product is so good it is actually nominated for the CES Innovation award!

The amazon people must be crazy to sell this great product at such a low price. However do take note that their craziness only last for a short while.Hence do grab it before it goes back to its original price! US$50.63.Click here to purchase

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disney cubic mouse iphone ipod charger

The Disney people really knows how to jive up our life. First they give us Mickey, then Alvin the chipmunk & his friends. Now they present this cute yellow ipad/iphone/ipod charger in a cubic style-The chipmunks is made up of cubic graphics thus reducing their cuteness (a bit) and increase their robotics DNA which i think works great in relevancy to this charger. Price:1680 Yen or S$28.06. Disney cubic chipmunk iphone ipod ipad charger. Do take note that this charger runs on 240V and is a 2 pin plug

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griffin courier clip for ipod nano

Some things are better to be clipped, especially if it is as small as your Ipod Nano. Designed to be so small that you can’t barely feel it, it also means that you won’t be aware even if you lost it. Not anymore. With this Griffin Courier Clip for Ipod nano, you can be rest assured that it will follow you wherever you go.

No more worries, only great joy and better freedom. Price US$24.98. Click here to purchase

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panda portable speaker

It is hard not to notice this GOgroove Panda Pal Portable Mini Speakerwith its big panda eyes looking at you.

Besides working hard as a speaker streaming all the sound and music from your ipod/ipad/iphone, it is also good to remind your self not to work hard nor play hard. If not you will get big panda eyes like this mini speaker. Price US$16.99 (discounted price) Click here to purchase

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 How do you spot a geek?

1) They normally wear thick, black glasses.

2) They don’t speak a lot, they let the computers or handphones do the talking. If they speak, most of the time they speak in riddles and nobody can quite comprehend what he is talking about.

3) They love robots, anime and cute girls.

And for a super stylish geek? Besides the above, they stood out from the rest of the geeks by wearing this, the super stylish geek headphone. It is like a crown on the head and marks the difference between the remarkable and the ordinary.US$70.36. Click here to purchase

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hello kitty solar iphone charger

This is one of the best seller in Japan. After the Fukushima radiation leak, everybody in Japan is getting more eco-conscious. Perhaps that is why this is so popular-it runs solely on solar energy.

All you need is to put this cute hello kitty where the sun is. After she absorb enough energy, she will help you to charge your iphone/ipod/ipad! You can even use this charger as your bag charm so while you are walking in the sun, you are also charging your hello kitty

Perhaps this is the best answer for Japan-We don’t want nuclear power. Plus we can save money on electricity which is crucial for heavy times like this. Price 2480 yen or S$41.42  Click here to purchase

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