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This Kate spade iphone 4 case is certainly a charmer- It looks dazzling with the diamond jewelleries, spews words of wisdom like “gives gifts that surprise and delight” and looks all set to give great advices on how to be a charmer with her “come hither beauty tips”.

Beneath the big diamond teardrops earrings and so-big-you-think-is fake diamond necklace lies a lady who knows that you should “Be jewelled” so you can dazzle in the season’s sparkle.

If all the above describes you, or you have been hearing “oh, she is sooo charming!” your whole life, then please bravely put on your iphone with this case. Affirm that you are smart, mysterious and loves jewellery-You are none other than the sparkles that dazzles everybody-perhaps not with your charm, but actually the jewellery.

You are a charmer and let the world knows it. At lease, make it this christmas.

Alternatively, if you are thinking of giving away christmas gifts, get one for your love one too. Let them know that whateve it is, they have totally charmed you and that they are the sparkles in your life.

This is the gift that will definetely surprise and delight.  Dress up in signature kate spade ribbon box with luxurious rich colours, it is certainly the gift of the season. Price 5800 yen or S$96.87,.Click here to purchse

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