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hello kitty love nerds iphone 4 loungefly case

Hello Kitty, how have you been? You still look so cute, even with the glasses. i am so glad you love geeks. I love you too. Price 3900 yen or S$65.14  Click here to purchase

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hello kitty ribbon iphone 4 case

Life is hard. There are many times you need to hide-that you are a kitty fan.You don’t want to divulge the cute and child like side of yours-It is after all, very private.

This Hello Kitty ribbon Iphone 4 caseicon will work the trick. It is cute, pink and most importantly comes with the signature Hello Kitty ribbon. People might wonder if you are an Hello kitty fan. Let them wonder while you carry your iphone 4 happily with your Hello Kitty. Price 1680 yen or S$26.80.Click here to purchase

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