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marc jacobs wildheart iphone3G

If you are still holding on to an Iphone 3G, most likely the case you have been cuddling your iphone in is likely to be a bit tattered (unless you have been putting your iphone all this while in its original box or its little shrine untouched ever since you bought it).

As it is coming to the end of the year, isn’t it time to say “Thankyou!” for the iphone who had been working so hard for you. Why not get this Marc Jacobs wild hearts Iphone 3G case ? It is nice and sewn with wild red hearts all over? You iphone 3G will feel your love for him all over, and probably shed a few tears that your love for him is still so strong despite the emergence of Iphone 4S. Price US$30.40.  Click here to purchase.

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marc jacobs iphone 3g metallic stardust

Marc Jacobs Metallic Stardust 3G

marc jacobs iphone 3g bird

Marc Jacobs Mr Mark Iphone 3G


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marc jacobs speaker headphone

Okay, so Marc Jacobs twinkle star ear phone piece is sold out. Before you sob and shout “Darn it” We found another cute and interesting Marc Jacbos headphone. Okay, it is much chunkier and it comes with a head band! But who cares, it is still a Marc Jacobs head phone.

Best part of this is that it comes with a cute box and that makes it a great gift to give away. No packaging needed and best part you will get all the woohs and ahhhs from the person you gave the gift too. Wow factor guaranteed. Price 13,800 yen or S$230.48. There are 3 design for this: Mister Mark, Mister Mark Smith and Miss Marc Black. Grab it before it gets sold out again.Price $230.42  or 14490 yen Click here to purchase

marc jacobs star earphones

Twinkle twinkle little star, how you wonder what you are, if you put them on your ears and look like the brightest star on earth?

Christmas is coming soon. Besides putting on the big big star on your christmas tree, how about dressing up your ear phones too? Moreover, they are designed by Marc Jacobs. If you haven’t noticed already, somebody in Verigoodstore is a Marc Jacobs (and kate spade) fan.

marc jacobs ipad case

If I were a bird, I’d sing a song
And fly about the whole day long
And when the night comes, go to rest,
Up in my cozy little nest.

by Jackie Silberg

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Mr Mark. He doesn’t has hair, nor money but he has a bird. Two birds in fact. One he chain it to his pants, the other just perched on his shoulder.

They are beautiful birds, everybody says. That makes Mr Mark very sad. He wish he was a bird, so people can see his beauty and he could be like them, flying and chirping happily every day.

Nobody knows that Mr Mark is actually Marc by Marc Jacobs who is a very famous designer who even designs for Louis Vuitton.

If you are just like Mr Mark, do get this ipad case. Remind yourself everytime you are using your ipad, that you don’t have to envy the birds, for the birds should envy you. A silicone case. Price: 8980Yen. S$131.56. Click here to purchase and be a happy chirping bird (literally). I have found a great saving deal-It only cost US$48 for this Marc Jacobs ipad case which is like more than 50% off!Click here to purchase for a special price of US$48 only!! We are a verigood store indeed. By the way, due to black friday sale, you can get this at an even lower price of US$25.54. So cheap!

If you like this design, you can get it for your iphone too. However, it is only available for Iphone 3g only. Special Price: 2980 yen or just S$49.77 (which is like 50% off!). Click here to purchase

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marc jacobs ipad case pink

Shortly after i bought the “nobody can see it” Marc Jacobs iphone case, i add to my marc jacobs list with a …Marc Jacobs Ipad case!

The response from the crowd is slightly better: ” Alright, at least i can see some alphabets, but that is all”  scratching their heads while they made such comments .

The alphabets are codes that only true blue marc jacobs fans can decode. Can’t you see it is make up of alphabets of marc jacobs’ names???? Hence only alphabets like “A”,”B”, “C”,”J”,”M”, “R” and “s” are used!!!!

I am so proud i can see it, for i am so distinctively different. At least that is what i feel when i am holding my ipad with its distinguished marc jacobs ipad case. Price :9800 yen. S$153.84. Click here to purchase

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marc jacobs iphone 4 case

My friends think i am absolutely nuts to pay $59.99 for this case.

My Neighbours couldn’t comprehend why a white colour normal looking iphone 4 case could cost this much.

My boss think i must have been cheated.

My parents worried that i might be suffering from vision and colour deficiency when they know that this is a Marc jacobs iphone 4 case.

All of them said:


That is the difference between a true blue marc jacobs fan and a pretending one. The marc jacobs lie in the intricated details at the back. This is what marc jacobs is about-understated, unique, funky and cool.

Can you see it? I can. Amdist the white, i still can see it. Hence i bought it.Click here if you would like to purchase it.US$59.99

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Marc Jacobs 3G Iphone Case Wild Hearts

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marc jacobs iphone 4 case panther
Can somebody tells me what is the difference between a leopard and a panther? I can’t. But i still bought this, because i can’t rear a leopard nor panther, but at least i can keep one with me so i know if there is anybody who dare to irritate me, i can send my panther to pound on him/her in my dreams. Price: 6800 yen or S$106.74. .Click here to purchase

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