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Kate spade iphone 4 case

i dunno what to say. This Kate spade Iphone 4 case is so cute! It has orange and pink (my favourite colours) and a spade! While i was throwing my rings on the table, deliberating “Buy it” or “Buy it not”, a man with an orange shirt appeared and kneel in front of me, presenting me a blue kate spade box with a black ribbon bow. I was so happy that i started to cry, but ,Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE! Price: US$28.50. If you prefer nicole to kate, Click here to purchase, for it is always good to show graciousness.

If you prefer the blue color case with orange spade, Click here to purchase

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Kate Spade Paisley Hard Case for iPhone 4

Kate spade iphone 4G Turquoise

kate spade new york case iphone4
Kate Spade New York Case for iPhone 4

kate spade tropical iphone 4 case

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Tropical

kate spade iphone 4 case giraffe
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Giraffes

kate spade iphone 4 case anemone flowers
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Anemone flowers

kate spade iphone 4 case land & sea
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Land & Sea

kate spade iphone 4 silicone case bow
Kate Spade iPhone 4 silicone case Bow

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Newspaper

Kate Spade Horizontal Stripe Case for iPhone 4

P.S We received some enquiries if there are any nicole miller handphone pouches available. There certainly is, but due to high demand (it is an extremely popular brand, where it received 100,000 likes on FB) a lot of it is out of stock. Nevertheless, if you are keen, you can take a look below:

nicole hand phone case black

Nicole Miller Suede Universal Cell Phone Carry Case with Hand Strap, Black with Clear/Gold Gems


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halloween iphone 4 red devils case

While we mourn for Steve, let’s not forget Halloween is just around the corner!

While the evil looking pumpkins are lurkng around trying to make you smile, why not dress up your iphone too? Put on the devil horns and let it turn orange. It is also cool bringing it along with you to treat or trick. i am sure you will get more sweets thanks to this little devish cutie.

If you are dressing up this halloween, accessorise it with this orange iphone 4 halloween case. Halloween had never been this matching.  Price US$3.08. Click here to purchase

If you don’t want to look too gaudy or over this halloween, check out this Orange Iphone 4 case. Price US$14.18.

Or you think too many dark force is surrounding the corridors, why not put on the angel wings and do it for your iphone too? Check out the following Angel iPhone 4 case. Price US$2.10. It is cheaper to be good actually

Angel iPhone 4 case

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hello kitty love nerds iphone 4 loungefly case

Hello Kitty, how have you been? You still look so cute, even with the glasses. i am so glad you love geeks. I love you too. Price 3900 yen or S$65.14  Click here to purchase

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Rilakkuma iphone case

Although it is embossed with the word Rilakkuma, this is actually Korilakkuma who is younger and naughtier than rilakkuma.

It is crazy that people mixed up Korilakkuma with Rilakkuma. Their difference is so obvious. At least Rilakkuma is yellow or brown in colour, Korilakkuma is pink!

I don’t think the manufacturer is color blinded. Rather i guess it is because Rilakkuma is the more famous better half, and thus the fact that Korilakkuma gets to be known as Rilakkuma.

That is life. No wonder everybody fights for fame and recognition. Else you will be like Korilakkuma, you become nameless. price US$4.62. Click here to purchase

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Kate spade polka dots sprinkles iphone 4 case

People are often literal. If you say your name is Vivian, they assume you are a girl. Hence kate spade must come with a spade? NOOO. Miss spade is probably too fed up with the little spade she needs to carry her whole life, her mama created a beautiful polka dots range this summer.Who says summer has to be bright yellow, green or pink? Bring it to the next level with the polka dots. Polkie had never look so beautiful on Miss kate spade’s Iphone 4.Get this Kate spade sprinkles iphone 4 case now. Price US$22.50. To purchase, Click here
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Kate Spade Pink Polka Case for iPhone4

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cath kidston iphone 4
I am a big fan of Cath Kidston. I am a big fan of double deck bus. I am a big fan of London.

It is this simple, why i LOVE this case. It had all the 3 elements: Cath Kidston branding, A cute red double deck bus and the London big bang. It is simply perfect for me.

Most importantly, its design is not the typical Cath Kidston vintedge flowers series. It just sets me apart from all other Cath Kidston fans-People can’t help but notice that it is a Cath Kidston Iphone cover not in its usual clad flowers and most indefinitely they will ask “Is this a Cath Kidston iphone case?” which is exactly what i want. Yes, i am that shallow, but at least i am honest.Cath Kidston fans always has their virtues 😉 Price: US$23.99.Click here to purchase

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Cath kidston iphone 4 case electric flowers

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case electric flowers

cath kidston iphone 4 case spray flower

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case spray flowers

Cath kidston iphone 4 case spray stars

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case spray stars

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marc jacobs iphone 4 case

My friends think i am absolutely nuts to pay $59.99 for this case.

My Neighbours couldn’t comprehend why a white colour normal looking iphone 4 case could cost this much.

My boss think i must have been cheated.

My parents worried that i might be suffering from vision and colour deficiency when they know that this is a Marc jacobs iphone 4 case.

All of them said:


That is the difference between a true blue marc jacobs fan and a pretending one. The marc jacobs lie in the intricated details at the back. This is what marc jacobs is about-understated, unique, funky and cool.

Can you see it? I can. Amdist the white, i still can see it. Hence i bought it.Click here if you would like to purchase it.US$59.99

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Marc Jacobs Iphone 3G metallic star

Marc jacobs Metallic Star dust 3G iphone case

Marc Jacobs 3G Iphone Case Wild Hearts

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