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lilly pulitzer iphone 4 case

” Nice to see you”. ” You too”

Phrases you uttered when you meet or say good bye.

It is strange how all the encounters in life is mark with greeting to start and good byes to end.

Perhaps it is only at times when you had to say goodbyes, that you treasure those moments when you uttered casual  “Nice to see” greetings. Price US$ 29.95 Click here to purchase


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mc kalan iphone blackberry pouch

Some fashion editors love to laud the praise of “character” over some accessories or brand which is pretty incomprehensible to me. What is “character”? It gets demystify when i saw this- KC Malhan iPhone/Blackberry Clutch,. It has an eye with a sexy, confident and seductive stare. it reminds me of a haughty peacock meant to be strolling in the forest and not in a zoo.

Let this KC Malhan iPhone/Blackberry Clutch, parade in the various parties and not in your closet this party season. Price US$19.95. Click here to purchase

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This is such a beauty! Designed by Rebecca Minkoff who is famed for her morning after bag, the ipad case comes in a beautiful gold hue and complete with leopard patterned lining. Gold hues is a tricky thing-It either makes one looks cheap chic or totally elegant. This Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Ipad case is one that makes you look like a queen. The phrase “Touch n Go” too exhibit such an air of elegance-Why hold on to it? It is time to touch n go. Whoooo. Probably an elegant queen will say that. Price US$ 155.  Click here to purchase

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disney cubic mouse iphone ipod charger

The Disney people really knows how to jive up our life. First they give us Mickey, then Alvin the chipmunk & his friends. Now they present this cute yellow ipad/iphone/ipod charger in a cubic style-The chipmunks is made up of cubic graphics thus reducing their cuteness (a bit) and increase their robotics DNA which i think works great in relevancy to this charger. Price:1680 Yen or S$28.06. Disney cubic chipmunk iphone ipod ipad charger. Do take note that this charger runs on 240V and is a 2 pin plug

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michael kors ipad leather case

If you are a fan of Project runway, you will know who Michael Kors is.

Having critique so many of the contestants, you might wonder “alright Michael, so what about your design? It better be good, else how could you convince audience like me that you are allowed to chide, snide or sing praises of that ugly dress?!”

Let’s examine this Michael Kors Leather Ipad case.

Firstly, it is very compact. The leather used is certainly of high quality. It is seamlessly sewed and fits the Ipad like a glove. Most importantly it looks luxurious. It looks like it is designed by somebody smart and arty in turn making you look expensive.

Okay Michael, so you are indeed good. Price US$88.98. Click here to purchase

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marc jacobs ipad case

If I were a bird, I’d sing a song
And fly about the whole day long
And when the night comes, go to rest,
Up in my cozy little nest.

by Jackie Silberg

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Mr Mark. He doesn’t has hair, nor money but he has a bird. Two birds in fact. One he chain it to his pants, the other just perched on his shoulder.

They are beautiful birds, everybody says. That makes Mr Mark very sad. He wish he was a bird, so people can see his beauty and he could be like them, flying and chirping happily every day.

Nobody knows that Mr Mark is actually Marc by Marc Jacobs who is a very famous designer who even designs for Louis Vuitton.

If you are just like Mr Mark, do get this ipad case. Remind yourself everytime you are using your ipad, that you don’t have to envy the birds, for the birds should envy you. A silicone case. Price: 8980Yen. S$131.56. Click here to purchase and be a happy chirping bird (literally). I have found a great saving deal-It only cost US$48 for this Marc Jacobs ipad case which is like more than 50% off!Click here to purchase for a special price of US$48 only!! We are a verigood store indeed. By the way, due to black friday sale, you can get this at an even lower price of US$25.54. So cheap!

If you like this design, you can get it for your iphone too. However, it is only available for Iphone 3g only. Special Price: 2980 yen or just S$49.77 (which is like 50% off!). Click here to purchase

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