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marc jacobs speaker headphone

Okay, so Marc Jacobs twinkle star ear phone piece is sold out. Before you sob and shout “Darn it” We found another cute and interesting Marc Jacbos headphone. Okay, it is much chunkier and it comes with a head band! But who cares, it is still a Marc Jacobs head phone.

Best part of this is that it comes with a cute box and that makes it a great gift to give away. No packaging needed and best part you will get all the woohs and ahhhs from the person you gave the gift too. Wow factor guaranteed. Price 13,800 yen or S$230.48. There are 3 design for this: Mister Mark, Mister Mark Smith and Miss Marc Black. Grab it before it gets sold out again.Price $230.42  or 14490 yen Click here to purchase


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