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issey miyake sweater steve jobs

According to the autobiograhpy of Steve jobs (which is authorised by him, perhaps to be sure only good things or things he wants people to  know the way he wants it to be), Steve jobs is such a perfectionist that he made 100 pcs of the Issey Miyaki turtle neck sweather that became his signature after the iconic IMac/Ipod/IpadIphone launch

I know i sound like i am speaking gibberish, but please don’t blame me, for this Issey miyaki shirt is selling for a song at only at S$50.23 ! This is a hell chance to be like Steve Jobs in a little way, at least i own a Issey Miyaki shirt!

It is crazy to post on this, for we always pride ourselves to be a verigoodstore that stocks accessories. But isnt’ having a shirt like this also a way to accessorise?

Anyway if you want to purchase this Issey Miyaki Steve job look-alike sweater, click iconhere. Price S$50.23. Offer till 4 nov only.(Sold out)

Lastly, i hope this is the last time we will post on a shirt. Hell.



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