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steve job dies at 56

56 is a magical number. It is a tetrahedral number whereby it is the sum of 6 triangle numbers. It is also the sum of 6 consecutive prime numbers  (3+5+7+11+13+17)

Mao Ze Dong was 56 when he established People Republic of China.

The notorious Japanese General Isoroku Yamamoto was named “Isoroku” which means 56 in old Japanese term because that was the age of his father when he was born.

According to Aristocle the earth had 56 layers and there were 56 signers for the American Declaration of Independence 1776.

Steve Jobs was 56 when he died on 5th Oct 2011.

Coincidentally this is also the 56th post of mine on this website

56 is twice of the perfect number and thus is known as a semi perfect number.

56 is probably the number that best illustrates Steve jobs and the company Apple which he co-founded with Steve Wozniack in 1976. Both Steves are perfect-one in the compartment of technology, the other in sales and marketing. They split up eventually and they will always be imperfect of each other. Maybe that gives a meaning to the apple logo- It is not a perfect apple, but a semi-perfect one and that will be Steve Jobs.

I had always been mystified by the 2 steves- in a certain sense i worshipped them.

After Wozniack, Steve jobs was all alone holding up the show at apple.

He was ousted out of Apple in 1985, starts NeXt and Pixar  in 1986. Entered back to Apple in 1996 after a 10 year exit. He head Apple officially in 1997. His last years in Apple marked another landmark of his life. His innovation of Iphone and Ipad  which changed the history of how people uses the phone and PC is certainly going to be remembered by many.

Just yesterday apple announced the launch of Iphone 4S, today Steve Jobs is gone.

It is weird to write about Steve Jobs in past tense.

That’s life i guess.You can never guess what is next.

I wrote a post just yesterday mocking the Iphone S of being silly or SiRi

Today i wrote a post full of remorse yet respect for the Iphone founder.

Perhaps now i understand better why it is called Iphone S- it stands for Iphone steve jobs-somebody who soldier on for his dreams, for his apple that he so ever cherished.

He hold on till his last breath, making sure Iphone 4S is launched before he dies. What an epic hero!

I will definetely grab an Iphone 4S despite everything now. Alright, it is nothing spectacular, but i just want to remember Steve jobs.

Show your respect to Steve jobs by ordering the Iphone 4S icon and “I will continue to standby my fervour to sell or promote as many apple products or accessories as i can. Afterall it had always been something that i had believed, preferred and used.

**On a personal note,I was 10 years old when i first had my Macintosh. It was beautiful, sleek and so different from other PC of that time. I am not sure if anybody still remembers, but the apple people actually launched Newton which  was totally slammed by Palm. I was holding my Newton, thinking what a genius it was and feeling so sad that nobody else thinks so. The same goes for Macintosh, for during those years it was the Microsoft that got all the lime light. We the people who are always on the apple side always feels a bit different, or a bit alienated. It was only when Steve jobs went back to Apple and wow the whole world with IMac, Ipod, Iphone and Ipads that apple was finally elevated as a brand of all times . It wasn’t an easy path and i bet steve jobs probably has a rough patch. However Steve jobs is afterall a genius, and i think he inspires all with his relentless pursue of perfection and innovation.

RIP steve jobs, I will always remember you.


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