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I remember clearly-It was in November 2007 when i first met kindle-She is cute, petite and you can easily hold her with one hand. Most importantly she is easy to read- you don’t to guess what is on her mind. Apparently she was hailed as the “Best e-book reader” that year. It was great to be with her-She has a massive library of movies, books, music and my time with her were all fond memories of those. Of course, then Miss Ipad from the royal apple family appeared and she totally captivated me with her chic yet sexy look. She wasn’t easy to handle- You need to get used to their whole family system- iOS,safari browser,Itunes etc In short, you need to totally sync in with their family-even the charger have to be changed. It is a very closely knitted family-hence once you joined them, everything becomes universal. It is cool, plus the apple family has an impressive range of entertainers,educators, gamers on hand- Their house boast to have 425,000 (and counting) apps! It is incredible how they keep all these great stuff under one roof -maybe that is why i never get tired of Miss Ipad- Just this year, she even went on a diet program and becomes slimmer! which guy wouldn’t love to have that?!

On the deadly 28 September 2011, I was ping by Mr Becos. “I have something to tell you” he says in an wavering tone which totally displays his excitement. “Remember kindle? She is now back on fire!”

After our less than 2 minutes conversation, I received an email from Mr Becos. However, it is in flash format which i can’t use the ipad Miss ipad gave me to see the exciting image Becos has for me. Reluctantly, i had to rang up a friend to convert the message for me as my Mac book too can’t takes flashers too well. Less than 30seconds, my phone rang” Man! Look at this- amazon is launching the Kindle Fire
! It sure is going to give apple a run for their money!”.

Woohoo! what a sexy cute pixie Kindle has become! Looking hotter than Megan fox and with a price tag that gets you feeling even hotter, this is certainly not going to made the apple family too happy! I make a head to toe comparison of both my love to dispel this dizziness in my head

kindle vs ipad

Some great things that Kindle Fire has

1) Amazon silk browser

amazon kindle silk

You know how sometimes when you want to watch movies online, the streaming goes on and on with intermittent interruptions? It is something that Miss Ipad has, like when we are having our intimate moments and her phone just keeps ringing or she just stop. In fact it is a common thing that not only Miss Ipad has-In fact i gotta says this is something that Miss ipad has the least compared to others, especially after she clad in her No 2 uniform.  However, kindle fire claims to have something that is even more powerful-silk browser. Apparently browsing on the net is going to be as smooth as silk-or at least that is what the name suggest. The secret is on the cloud-accelerate split browser. It is not common knowledge that the amazon family actually trades in cloud server service, but it is common knowledge in the storage industry that amazon S3 and EC2 is no mean feat.In fact it is a lurking giant. This is probably why kindle fire can shout into our ears ” I have the ultra fast web browser which nobody can beat!”

2) kindle fire easy to hold

Easy to hold

Kindle fire comes in an ergonomically designed size where you can hold the kindle fire in one hand while the other holding the rails in the trains. It is so considerate of kindle fire and so atypical of her-She always put me in the first place. Now i can even look at her with only one hand on my car driving wheel! I told you, fire is dangerous. Ouch!

3) kindle cloud storage

Cloud storage

Kindle fire has this amazing ability to make you feels like you are on cloud 9- They have this crazy cloud storage where you can put in anything and it will never be filled up. You no longer has to worry that you have no storage-The amazing cloud will take care of it. Hence, you can download or store millions of songs, movies, documents etch without having to worry are you on a 8gb, 16 gb or 32 gb tablet.

4) kindle fire whispersync


The worst thing i hate watching a movie online is when you have to stop halfway (like your boss called, or that you had to make that emergency exit from the office fire) and then you had to stream or watch it all over again! Kindle Fire knows it all- She put in this whispersync on her so that she knows when to restart it all over when you had stopped- It is just like how she is rekindling me now with our old love all over again.

Having said all these, i have yet to see Kindle Fire in person. After all, with the amazing advanced technology of today, one can easily disguise themselves with beautiful copy and photoshopped look.  Hence i had already make my date with Kindle fire this Nov 15- She can shows it all so i can make a declaration-Who is the love of my life- Kindle Fire or iPad 2.

I won’t be surprised if i can’t make a conclusion myself. Afterall, Kindle fire is selling at US$199 only.Click here to book a date with Kindle fire or Click here to purchase. Either way she is only making her ways and arrivals on Nov 15 2011. Perhaps good thing is often worth the wait, plus since it is around Xmas period, it will be to have this as your Christmas present this year!



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