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Monthly Archives: October 2011

dolce & gabanna iphone neck case

Iphone is great-It is slick, beautiful and so easy to use! However, it does not comes with a side hole or slit so you can hang your phone charms and the long neck strap. Don’t you envy those who can carry their phones around in this little compact holder that they hang around their neck? Fret not, thisDolce & Gabanna iphone bag will make it possible for you, the iphone owner. Plus the immaculate design and the high quality leather they use means you will look smart and respectful. Price 12000 yen or S$200.42. Click here to purchase


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Kate spade iphone 4 case

i dunno what to say. This Kate spade Iphone 4 case is so cute! It has orange and pink (my favourite colours) and a spade! While i was throwing my rings on the table, deliberating “Buy it” or “Buy it not”, a man with an orange shirt appeared and kneel in front of me, presenting me a blue kate spade box with a black ribbon bow. I was so happy that i started to cry, but ,Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE! Price: US$28.50. If you prefer nicole to kate, Click here to purchase, for it is always good to show graciousness.

If you prefer the blue color case with orange spade, Click here to purchase

Check out other designs:

Click here to purchase:

Kate Spade Paisley Hard Case for iPhone 4

Kate spade iphone 4G Turquoise

kate spade new york case iphone4
Kate Spade New York Case for iPhone 4

kate spade tropical iphone 4 case

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Tropical

kate spade iphone 4 case giraffe
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Giraffes

kate spade iphone 4 case anemone flowers
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Anemone flowers

kate spade iphone 4 case land & sea
Kate Spade iPhone 4 Land & Sea

kate spade iphone 4 silicone case bow
Kate Spade iPhone 4 silicone case Bow

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Newspaper

Kate Spade Horizontal Stripe Case for iPhone 4

P.S We received some enquiries if there are any nicole miller handphone pouches available. There certainly is, but due to high demand (it is an extremely popular brand, where it received 100,000 likes on FB) a lot of it is out of stock. Nevertheless, if you are keen, you can take a look below:

nicole hand phone case black

Nicole Miller Suede Universal Cell Phone Carry Case with Hand Strap, Black with Clear/Gold Gems

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mc kalan iphone blackberry pouch

Some fashion editors love to laud the praise of “character” over some accessories or brand which is pretty incomprehensible to me. What is “character”? It gets demystify when i saw this- KC Malhan iPhone/Blackberry Clutch,. It has an eye with a sexy, confident and seductive stare. it reminds me of a haughty peacock meant to be strolling in the forest and not in a zoo.

Let this KC Malhan iPhone/Blackberry Clutch, parade in the various parties and not in your closet this party season. Price US$19.95. Click here to purchase

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This is such a beauty! Designed by Rebecca Minkoff who is famed for her morning after bag, the ipad case comes in a beautiful gold hue and complete with leopard patterned lining. Gold hues is a tricky thing-It either makes one looks cheap chic or totally elegant. This Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Ipad case is one that makes you look like a queen. The phrase “Touch n Go” too exhibit such an air of elegance-Why hold on to it? It is time to touch n go. Whoooo. Probably an elegant queen will say that. Price US$ 155.  Click here to purchase

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numark idj ipad iphone ipod
When i was young, my dream was to be a DJ. Scratching the turntable and jumping around spinning the music was the coolest thing i could ever imagine that i could do.

I scrimp and save to learn DJ course. I was pretty happy, until i get to see this.


It is actually really easy to be a DJ. Just get this Numark iDJ Live DJ software controller Price US149. Black Friday price: A crazy US$96.87. Click here to purchase before the amazon people become sane again.

P.S. To complete the DJ gear, remember to get this Numark RED WAVE headphones. Price US$199. Now at an insane price of US$64.43

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Cath kidston iphone 4 case british bird

If you think cath Kidston is nothing but vintage flower print, think again. Perhaps it is the European currency crisis, even the English beauty cath kidston wore a tinge of sorrow and depression this winter. Price: 5900 yen, S$92.62.Click here to purchase

Check out other Cath Kidston fall/winter collection

Cath kidston Black red polka dots Iphone 4 case

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spracht aura blunote portable wireless speaker system

All music lovers, check out this offer.This Spracht WS-4010 Aura BluNote Portable Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth is on sale due to the Black Friday sale at Amazon store. Its original price is US$129.99 but now it is only on sale for US$49.99 which is a whopping 62% off! You probably can’t believe it, but it is true!

If you think this product is selling at such a cut-throat price because it is crappy or that it is going to be stash away in your store room after your purchased it, think again

This is a treasure box that allows you to stream music from your iphone, ipad, ipod,samsung galaxy, blackberry,HTC,Droid and many other brands of phones and computers.

This simply means that you can listen to your music from any of your device above and still answer calls! Your enjoyment of music will no longer be discrupted because some telemarketeers called you to subscribe to their latest credit card promotions.

Plus, you can use this beauty for Skype and any VOIP calls! Hence you can shout ” Merry Xmas” to your mummy/friends/lover/pet dog or cats  overseas while you are busy chopping up the turkey with Xmas songs in the background

You will be able to live in your music world every second of the day and not missed any more calls.Whoohoo!

Check out this video of how it works!

In fact this product is so good it is actually nominated for the CES Innovation award!

The amazon people must be crazy to sell this great product at such a low price. However do take note that their craziness only last for a short while.Hence do grab it before it goes back to its original price! US$50.63.Click here to purchase

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