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elephant ipad sleeve
There were many times i felt like an absurd puppet push to and fro by the will of some evil spirited  imps with the name tags “boss” and “customers”.

I think i am not alone.

In this animal kingdom where the monarch or presidents ruled, life is still the same. Oppression merely changes names and its faces.

Many times i had got to shoot the elephant, even though it is much against my wish and belief.

There were countless times i had halted on the road. For one ought not to shoot elephants if it can be avoided.

When the white man turns tyrant, it is his own freedom that he destroys.

To commemorate the agony of being an elephant shooter, why not get this Elephant iPad sleeve? It reminds you that elephants are meant to be strolling in safaris and you should leave them alone. Price US$27.99. Click here to purchase

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