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laptuk proApple isn’t perfect, as you can see in its logo design which is a bitten apple. Apple products all bear this signature sleek and clean design which is a double edge sword-They are so clean and minmial that they look really identical. In this case, this Lap Tuk Pro looks like an ordinary aluminium tray that can easily passed off as a tuckshop tray.

All right, so it wasn’t designed by the apple people after all. Nevertheless let not the rather lackluster design eliminate its usefulness-it is such a great tray for you to put your mac and the wireless keyboard in! Plus there are many side slots for your mouse,USB and what have you.

If you are a workaholic who spends 90% of your time writing long emails or reports this will be a great relief for your hands and arms. Nature design it that our arms are to maintain at a 90 degree angle so we can rest our shoulder when we type to avoid stiff shoulders. Quite amazing to know that the band aid for your aching shoulders is not pain killers or massage but this little tray. Life is indeed a mockery. Price US$89.99 Click here to purchase


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