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Monthly Archives: September 2011


 How do you spot a geek?

1) They normally wear thick, black glasses.

2) They don’t speak a lot, they let the computers or handphones do the talking. If they speak, most of the time they speak in riddles and nobody can quite comprehend what he is talking about.

3) They love robots, anime and cute girls.

And for a super stylish geek? Besides the above, they stood out from the rest of the geeks by wearing this, the super stylish geek headphone. It is like a crown on the head and marks the difference between the remarkable and the ordinary.US$70.36. Click here to purchase


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hello kitty solar iphone charger

This is one of the best seller in Japan. After the Fukushima radiation leak, everybody in Japan is getting more eco-conscious. Perhaps that is why this is so popular-it runs solely on solar energy.

All you need is to put this cute hello kitty where the sun is. After she absorb enough energy, she will help you to charge your iphone/ipod/ipad! You can even use this charger as your bag charm so while you are walking in the sun, you are also charging your hello kitty

Perhaps this is the best answer for Japan-We don’t want nuclear power. Plus we can save money on electricity which is crucial for heavy times like this. Price 2480 yen or S$41.42  Click here to purchase

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elephant ipad sleeve
There were many times i felt like an absurd puppet push to and fro by the will of some evil spirited  imps with the name tags “boss” and “customers”.

I think i am not alone.

In this animal kingdom where the monarch or presidents ruled, life is still the same. Oppression merely changes names and its faces.

Many times i had got to shoot the elephant, even though it is much against my wish and belief.

There were countless times i had halted on the road. For one ought not to shoot elephants if it can be avoided.

When the white man turns tyrant, it is his own freedom that he destroys.

To commemorate the agony of being an elephant shooter, why not get this Elephant iPad sleeve? It reminds you that elephants are meant to be strolling in safaris and you should leave them alone. Price US$27.99. Click here to purchase

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cat and gold fish ipad sleeve
Cat and Goldfish Ipad sleeve

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laptuk proApple isn’t perfect, as you can see in its logo design which is a bitten apple. Apple products all bear this signature sleek and clean design which is a double edge sword-They are so clean and minmial that they look really identical. In this case, this Lap Tuk Pro looks like an ordinary aluminium tray that can easily passed off as a tuckshop tray.

All right, so it wasn’t designed by the apple people after all. Nevertheless let not the rather lackluster design eliminate its usefulness-it is such a great tray for you to put your mac and the wireless keyboard in! Plus there are many side slots for your mouse,USB and what have you.

If you are a workaholic who spends 90% of your time writing long emails or reports this will be a great relief for your hands and arms. Nature design it that our arms are to maintain at a 90 degree angle so we can rest our shoulder when we type to avoid stiff shoulders. Quite amazing to know that the band aid for your aching shoulders is not pain killers or massage but this little tray. Life is indeed a mockery. Price US$89.99 Click here to purchase

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Rilakkuma iphone case

Although it is embossed with the word Rilakkuma, this is actually Korilakkuma who is younger and naughtier than rilakkuma.

It is crazy that people mixed up Korilakkuma with Rilakkuma. Their difference is so obvious. At least Rilakkuma is yellow or brown in colour, Korilakkuma is pink!

I don’t think the manufacturer is color blinded. Rather i guess it is because Rilakkuma is the more famous better half, and thus the fact that Korilakkuma gets to be known as Rilakkuma.

That is life. No wonder everybody fights for fame and recognition. Else you will be like Korilakkuma, you become nameless. price US$4.62. Click here to purchase

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michael kors ipad leather case

If you are a fan of Project runway, you will know who Michael Kors is.

Having critique so many of the contestants, you might wonder “alright Michael, so what about your design? It better be good, else how could you convince audience like me that you are allowed to chide, snide or sing praises of that ugly dress?!”

Let’s examine this Michael Kors Leather Ipad case.

Firstly, it is very compact. The leather used is certainly of high quality. It is seamlessly sewed and fits the Ipad like a glove. Most importantly it looks luxurious. It looks like it is designed by somebody smart and arty in turn making you look expensive.

Okay Michael, so you are indeed good. Price US$88.98. Click here to purchase

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apple magic track pad

When the Steves created Imac, they probably forgot that on top of all the great systems, the sleek design and the wonderful interface, the most time a user will spend on is actually the mouse. This is especially true as apps and website gets more and more interactive where user just need to “click” and thus spend lesser and lesser time on the keyboard.

It is great the apple is awaken to that and build this- Apple Magic Trackpad. As with all great apple product, this is one hell of a track pad. In fact it is magical-every touch on screen now becomes so gentle- As a mattter of fact, you will feel like you are gliding your fingers on a piano, composing beautiful music. That is the greatest thing of all apple products, they makes you feel like an artist, which is priceless. Price US$69.00.Click here to purchase

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