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ipad skin i hate technology

Life is a joke. I hate Technology. I prefer those days where you write in felt pens, express your love in poems and chew on the luxury of time. Techonology is definetely not my cup of tea. YET.  I have an ipad. Not One, but two!! How can i not say yes to Ipad and then Ipad 2! I know you can accuse me of promiscuity but for the namesake to be with them, i am willing to be handcuff and knee infront of all accusations.

To bridge the irreversible conflict between my non-tech background and the undying love for Ipad, i decided to skin them in this- A declaration that I hate technology. I thought that will be a perfect compromise. Life is now on check and balance.

If you are suffering the same fate as me, you not only get my sympathy, you also get the following link from me to purchase this gem.  Just click here and everything will be taken care off. To purchase, Click here
. Price: US$20.50.


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