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domo ipad skin

Why have an ordinary Ipad? Be it Ipad or Ipad 2. Give him an identity. Let him know that even if you lost him in the sea of thousands Ipad that everybody seems to own today, he got a name. His name is DOMO. He got a big mouth gagging but that is him. Let him know even he is lost, you can find him. Be a responsible owner. Buy this ipad case today. Price: US$20.50. Click here to purchase Alternatively, if you prefer a hard case, you can Click here to purchase

If you are like us who are true blue DOMO fans, you can consider decking yourself from head to toe, right to left with nothing but DOMO! I know it sounds a bit like what perverts does, but don’t worry, God won’t kill a kitten over it!

Domo iPhone 4 Case
Domo Iphone 4 case

Domo Iphone 4 skin
domo iphone 4 skin

Domo Netbook

domo netbook

Domo Slippers

domo slippers

Domo Back Pack

Domo T-shirt
domo t shirt

Domo 2GB USB
domo usb icon
Domo handphone strap
domo handphone strap icon
Domo earphone cord holder
domo earphones holder icon

Domo Nerd Face Beanie

domo beanie

Domo hoodie jacket

domo jacket

Domo Knit Hat

domo knit hat
Domo ear phone (sold out)
domo earphones


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