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marc jacobs ipad case pink

Shortly after i bought the “nobody can see it” Marc Jacobs iphone case, i add to my marc jacobs list with a …Marc Jacobs Ipad case!

The response from the crowd is slightly better: ” Alright, at least i can see some alphabets, but that is all”  scratching their heads while they made such comments .

The alphabets are codes that only true blue marc jacobs fans can decode. Can’t you see it is make up of alphabets of marc jacobs’ names???? Hence only alphabets like “A”,”B”, “C”,”J”,”M”, “R” and “s” are used!!!!

I am so proud i can see it, for i am so distinctively different. At least that is what i feel when i am holding my ipad with its distinguished marc jacobs ipad case. Price :9800 yen. S$153.84. Click here to purchase


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