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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Kate spade polka dots sprinkles iphone 4 case

People are often literal. If you say your name is Vivian, they assume you are a girl. Hence kate spade must come with a spade? NOOO. Miss spade is probably too fed up with the little spade she needs to carry her whole life, her mama created a beautiful polka dots range this summer.Who says summer has to be bright yellow, green or pink? Bring it to the next level with the polka dots. Polkie had never look so beautiful on Miss kate spade’s Iphone 4.Get this Kate spade sprinkles iphone 4 case now. Price US$22.50. To purchase, Click here
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Kate Spade Pink Polka Case for iPhone4


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ipod shoe lace sensor

You are a runner. In fact you are an avid runner. Hence you need to count your steps, count the time and count the whatever to see if your latest run is better than the last. With such an sacred task, it is important that you have a performance gear that you can listen to your music (on your ipod, of course) at the same time doing all the count test. The photo looks big, but it is just a tiny sensor that you attached on your shoe lace. Nothing should come between you and your run. If there is any, let it be this tiny sensor. Price US$5.95. Click here to purchase Mivizu Nike+iPod Shoe Lace sensor Pouch for Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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ipad skin i hate technology

Life is a joke. I hate Technology. I prefer those days where you write in felt pens, express your love in poems and chew on the luxury of time. Techonology is definetely not my cup of tea. YET.  I have an ipad. Not One, but two!! How can i not say yes to Ipad and then Ipad 2! I know you can accuse me of promiscuity but for the namesake to be with them, i am willing to be handcuff and knee infront of all accusations.

To bridge the irreversible conflict between my non-tech background and the undying love for Ipad, i decided to skin them in this- A declaration that I hate technology. I thought that will be a perfect compromise. Life is now on check and balance.

If you are suffering the same fate as me, you not only get my sympathy, you also get the following link from me to purchase this gem.  Just click here and everything will be taken care off. To purchase, Click here
. Price: US$20.50.

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ipad skin cover

Why have an ordinary Ipad? Be it Ipad or Ipad 2. Give her an identity. Let her know that even if you lost her in the sea of thousands Ipad that everybody seems to own today, she got a name. Her name is flowers. The gal plucking flowers in the garden. Let her know even she is lost, you can find her. Be a responsible owner. Buy this
today. Price: US$20.50. Click here to purchase

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domo ipad skin

Why have an ordinary Ipad? Be it Ipad or Ipad 2. Give him an identity. Let him know that even if you lost him in the sea of thousands Ipad that everybody seems to own today, he got a name. His name is DOMO. He got a big mouth gagging but that is him. Let him know even he is lost, you can find him. Be a responsible owner. Buy this ipad case today. Price: US$20.50. Click here to purchase Alternatively, if you prefer a hard case, you can Click here to purchase

If you are like us who are true blue DOMO fans, you can consider decking yourself from head to toe, right to left with nothing but DOMO! I know it sounds a bit like what perverts does, but don’t worry, God won’t kill a kitten over it!

Domo iPhone 4 Case
Domo Iphone 4 case

Domo Iphone 4 skin
domo iphone 4 skin

Domo Netbook

domo netbook

Domo Slippers

domo slippers

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stand for ipad galaxy playbook  Weren’t there times you were peering at your ipad/galaxy/playbook on your table till you start wondering will you ever break your neck one day? Perhaps the inventors were not so smart to think that everybody’s table is tilted and have a holder so you can watch the movie/video/etc without stretching a muscle. Then came some considerate folks who made this-A stand! It is such a gem-it is portable, foldable, light …… Why haven’t anybody thought of this? If you don’t want to join the stiff neck club, get this now. Price: US$12.76. Click here to purchase Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book


cath kidston iphone 4
I am a big fan of Cath Kidston. I am a big fan of double deck bus. I am a big fan of London.

It is this simple, why i LOVE this case. It had all the 3 elements: Cath Kidston branding, A cute red double deck bus and the London big bang. It is simply perfect for me.

Most importantly, its design is not the typical Cath Kidston vintedge flowers series. It just sets me apart from all other Cath Kidston fans-People can’t help but notice that it is a Cath Kidston Iphone cover not in its usual clad flowers and most indefinitely they will ask “Is this a Cath Kidston iphone case?” which is exactly what i want. Yes, i am that shallow, but at least i am honest.Cath Kidston fans always has their virtues 😉 Price: US$23.99.Click here to purchase

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Cath kidston iphone 4 case electric flowers

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case electric flowers

cath kidston iphone 4 case spray flower

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case spray flowers

Cath kidston iphone 4 case spray stars

Cath Kidston iphone 4 case spray stars

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